See under the surface

TC‑X1 Conductivity Sensor

Meet the world's first non‑contact, calibration‑free electromagnetic conductivity sensor

A go-anywhere conductivity sensor that opens up new possibilities, be it concrete, soil, or any kind of sample too unsafe or impractical to examine with a traditional conductivity probe. The TC‑X1 can get an accurate reading in moments without the need for expensive electrodes or calibration.

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Picture of the TC‑X1 electromagnetic conductivity sensor, showing the on/off switch, tare button, display, and coil sensor surface.
CT scan lumbar spine shows severe stenosis and degeration

See Under the Surface

Evolving sensing technology and data processing today.
Creating life-saving diagnostics and improving crop yields for tomorrow.

The Future is Almost Here

Using physics, math, and computer know-how in new places

Tayos was formed to develop new suites of sensors and pioneer new ways to use existing data sources and devices. We go beyond qualitative and empirical study, and build applications using a complete, quantitative understanding of the physics and math behind sensors and data. With this approach, Tayos is creating technology with applications in diverse fields of study including medicine, civil engineering, and agriculture.

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Connector of Transient Photocurrent in Organic Semiconductor Measuring Machine.